About Tabbloza


Ten years ago, I founded Tabbloza as my first website. I was twelve and learning how to use HTML from my dad, one of the earliest webmasters. I wanted to share my interests for computer and video games online. When we got a scanner, I started sharing my artwork online. Today, I work in both traditional and digital media, from illustration to sewing.

As a student, I've always wanted to pursue everything: science, mathematics, and art. I'm trained as a biomedical scientist and am currently pursuing my PhD. Scientist by day, artist by night!

This is my hobby and art website, so it is unaffiliated with my professional work.


Tabbloza is dedicated to my pets: two tabby cats named Mixie & Tricksie, and two papillon dogs named Tod & Rosie.

Here are all the past logos Tabbloza has used: